JT’s Confections has moved into a new kitchen.

With this space we will be able to meet our ever growing demand for personal gifts and make a bigger push into the world of corporate gifts. We have found that companies that have given our hand made confections to their customers get terrific feedback. It’s not uncommon to hear things like “why weren’t you giving these out before”?, “how did you find these guys”? and “I guess I better step up my business”.

Not only are our gifts delicious, these will fit your budget. You no longer have to give a shoddy gift that embarrasses both you and your company because it’s “in the budget”. We can provide you with gifts that you will be proud to give and your customers will be happy to receive. I say with confidence that your client’s family will never taste a cluster or caramel from JT’s; they won’t make it out of the office!

JT’s Confections is live at jtsconfections.com!

At JT’s Confections we have three goals:
1. make the best caramels and clusters that mankind has ever seen
2. sell them to you
3. from one and two make this world a better place.

I know these sound like very lofty goals, but to date we have accomplished the first and most difficult objective, we make the finest caramels know to man. Through jtsconfections.com we look to accomplish the second and third goal: sell them to you and world domination…I mean create a better world.

Please feel free to take a leisurely stroll through our website. If anything looks good, place an order and secure your position in a better world.

Is it me or did that read like Willy Wonka just hooked up with a martian?

Thanks to everyone who has supported us to this point and we look forward to making new friends as the company grows.