College Care Package

OK, maybe the 2013-2014 collegiate year didn’t begin as you hoped. When you sent your sweet buttercup into the world, who could have imagined that your 18 year old freshman daughter was able to sign a legally binding “Girls Gone Wild” contract.I, for one, absolutely believe that it was not the actions of your 17 year old son that led to him being treated for alcohol poisoning at the campus infirmary. The only thing that makes sense is that someone slipped something into his diet coke and planted a fake ID on him while he was studying at the library.

I say to you gentle reader, rather than dwell on why the world is conspiring against your innocent child, you should let them know they are loved. Is there a better way to say I love you than a CARE package from JT’s Confections? Imagine how a mixed one pound box of clusters and caramels combined with a dozen chocolate covered OREOs will correct the trajectory of your child’s college education. It’s a very small price to pay to protect your $60,000 a year investment.

Please remember, if you don’t have a child in college, but know someone who does, it would be a wonderful act of kindness to send them a CARE package.

Please visit our website at JTSCONFECTIONS.COM to place your order.

Your Pal and guide to a parallel universe,