Greetings from New Jersey…

Gentle Reader,sunburn guy

It’s been a while and I trust your summer was fantastic. As usual, my summer was a traveling quest for knowledge. With every stop in my travels I try to learn facts, make observations and from these facts and observations, draw sound conclusions.

In New Jersey, I learned that there are exactly 18 layers of skin covering an Irish forehead. Like many of you, I used to think that 18 are a lot of layers until I discovered the last 7 are very thin. Conclusion: Pasty white skin is more attractive than exposed skull.
In Minnesota, I observed that almost everyone said to me, “Oh geez mister, we usually don’t do things like that around here. Don’t cha-know?…”
Norwegians say the oddest things.

get off property man with shotgunIn North – man with shotgun Carolina, I observed that almost everyone said to me, “Now looky here mista, we don’t do that sorta thing in these here parts. I say…”.
There are a lot of Norwegians in North Carolina.

So there you have it Gentle Reader, my summer in a nutshell. As you can see, I’ve really opened myself up to the world in preparation for the upcoming candy season.

I will be touching base again shortly to announce the official start of the candy season and the resumption of I’m hoping mid September if the earth cools to a gentle simmer.

As always, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts; it’s been a pleasure.

Your Pal and Guide to a Parallel Universe,