Caramels and Toffees


Our caramels are soft and delicious. Their texture is velvety soft and the taste is rich. Our caramels are all made in small batches with a family recipe that was developed over time. Because we only make small batches our caramels are always fresh. Each caramel is hand cut, wrapped and packaged in a Chinese style take out box (.75 lb) or a clear bag (1 lb). We use no preservatives, and only use we use the finest ingredients. Bite into a caramel and you’re memory will take you to a good place in your childhood. They are culinary magic!

Old Fashioned English Butter Toffee

Our Old Fashioned English Butter Toffees are amazing. We take fresh sweet creamy butter and pure cane sugar and cook the bejesus out of it. We then poor the molten nectar onto cooling pans. After the the toffee is cool, we break it into smaller pieces and bath them in our delicious rich  milk and dark chocolate. As the toffee comes out of the chocolate, we sprinkle it with chopped roasted almonds. It’s the best toffee you will ever eat.