Roses are red, violets are blue. If I can’t have you, nobody will.

Gentle Reader,


Boy did that get out of hand quickly… At this point I think it’s best if I just forge ahead.

A St. Valentine’s Day gift from JT’s Confections says “I Love you to the moon and back” without having to go to all that trouble and expense of buying gloves, a hunting knife, a Ford Bronco and 15 rolls of paper towels. (Johnny Cochran died, right???? I’m not up for a lawsuit.)

Although St. Valentine’s Day is a faux holiday, it needs to be appreciated for what it can do for you. If you give a gift from JT’s Confections, St. Valentine’s Day is like your birthday; things happen on that day that won’t happen for another 364 days. On February 14th you’ll get to drink milk from the carton, eat pizza on the new couch, and watch “World War II” in color. If you were thinking this was heading in a different direction, you are a degenerate…call me.

With much humility Gentle Reader, I advise you to give the non-sharp gift of JT’s Confections on this Valentine’s Day. A gift from JT’s Confections will say “I love you” to your better half, your favorite child, the co-worker whom you are one leer from having a restraining order filed against you, or even your Mom. FYI, the second tier children should be given a box of Mike and Ikes….or nothing at all.


To place an order, please log onto JTSCONFECTIONS.COM and lose yourself. You will travel back in time to your childhood and to a world that was simple and safe. OK that last sentence was a little weird even by my standards.

We ship anywhere in the lower forty eight!

All orders must be placed by February 9th or when I suffer an emotional breakdown and close the site, which ever comes first.

As always, it’s been a pleasure.

Your Pal and Guide to a Parallel Universe,