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Gentle Reader,

As we careen to the most famous of made up holidays, Valentines Day, we turn our thoughts to buying the affection of loved ones or at least neutralizing their venom.

Ladies, I know you and your husband don’t see things eye to eye on a lot. How they see themselvesConsider for a moment the way you see your husband and the way he sees himself.

How your husband sees himself…


How you see your husband…

Men, like your counterparts you and your wife have a slightly different perspective of each other.


How your wife sees herself…


How you see your wife…

An interesting note: In 96.3% of our survey, both the husband and the wife viewed the wife as a witch…just sayin’.

So folks, make this fake holiday special and treat your spouse the way they see themselves. A red heart filled with adolescent candy that was manufactured last July, just won’t do. Note: if you’re a pimply faced thirteen year old pining for a girl with fancy hair, go with the heart.

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Valentines Day is February 14th

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