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As we approach St. Valentine’s Day, perhaps the most sacred and religious of all the fake holidays, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our relationships.

wood chipperGentleman, remember 25 years ago when you first started dating your wife and you’d love to give her things? “Boy I’d love to give my baby a nice night out” or “It sure would be swell to give my sweetheart a nice car”? Life was fantastic.

Today you want to get her things.. “if she say’s one more thing she’s going to get the wood chipper”

Ladies, remember when you first started dating your husband and you’d love to give him things… “It would be super to give my man a nice set a golf clubs” or “I’d love to give my honey a surprise party.” Life was good.

crime tapeToday you want to get him things…”If he tells me one more “hysterical story” about college, he’s going to get a fork in his head.”

Gentle reader, it’s time to move our relationships away from get and back to give.

It’s time to bring back that loving feeling.

I know this might seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s the easiest thing you can do. Go to JTSCONFECTIONS.COM and give your spouse the gift of love.

Please note that JT’s is also great for parents who always made your Valentine’s Day special and for your kids who melt your heart every day.Happy Valentine's Day

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