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We have a lot to cover here ladies so put down the knitting needles and let’s get busy…

We’re back:

We’re Baaaaaaaaaack, New Kitchen, Savage Tan, Hail to The Chief!

After a long absence JT’s Confections is back and ready for business. I’m rejuvenated after having spent a fantastic summer with my family and even learned a few cool things along the way. At the Grand Canyon I learned that even if they have a rider on top of them, mules can’t fly. However, they can reach terminal velocity (120 mph) if they fall from the top of the rim. Gonna need a big pizza box.

New Kitchen with a Retail Counter:

During the summer, JT’s renovated a massive state of the art kitchen that will allow us to increase our production several times over while still maintaining that amazing taste and freshness you so richly deserve.

Before and After

With our increased capacity we will also be introducing English Butter Toffee, Chocolate caramels, and Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt.

At the front of the kitchen we have a retail counter! It’s one stop shopping for the things you love the most… JT’s Confections and JT. JT too, right?? Please visit us at 1206 Sussex Turnpike in Randolph NJ to say “hi” and get your favorite confections.

Savage Tan:

As a man of Irish descent I know a thing or two about the perfect tan. In my youth, the perfect tan was achieved when all my freckles joined and my head looked like a misshaped medicine ball. As an adult, the perfect tan is achieved when your melanoma spots creep into each other and your head looks like an over inflated speed bag.

This year I decided to try something new….


Pretty sweet!

Hail to The Chief

Gentle Reader, if you are lost in the dark maze of comb overs, servers, lies, Putin, investigations, allegations, Dr Oz, pneumonia, statements of fact made with no supporting truth, and ill fitting asbestos pant suits, I am here to lead you from this darkness. Today I am announcing my write in candidacy for President of These United States of America as the nominee of the WTF party. The WTF Party is an acronym for The “Wobious, Thearidius, Fombliatis” Party which of course is Latin for the “Someone Make it Stop” Party. So on November 8th 2016, when you walk into that voting booth, don’t pull the Republican, Democratic, Green, or Libertarian party lever, wield the power of the pen and write WTF on your ballot!JT as Nixon

As always, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts; it’s been a pleasure.

Your Pal and Guide to a Parallel Universe,