Teacher’s Gifts, Haiku, and oh yeah almost forgot, Father’s Day….

Gentle Reader,

It’s that time of year when we are winding down for the summer and there are three things I want to discuss.

Teachers Gifts:
Is there a better way to say thank you to Miss Crabtree than with a fabulous 1/2 pound mixed box of caramels and cluster from JT’s Confections? Lets face it, if it wasn’t for the patience of Miss Crabtree your 15 year old paste eating child would not be starting fourth grade next fall. Please don’t forget to thank the supporting staff as well, nurses, bus drivers, principals, and secretaries. You should thank anyone who helped keep your kids out of the house for eight hours a day for the last nine months.

Do you know kids who are just graduating from college? What great parents they have. They just spent $250,000 so that their child could follow their passion and get a BS in North Dakota Prairie Haiku poems of the late 19th century. Not only have they allowed their child to follow their dreams their child is now an employment leper.

Much Money was Spent
Sheepskin with Official Seal
Want to Super size

Say “Congratulations, well done!” with something amazing from JT’s Confections.

Oh Yeah…Father’s Day.

Hook him up with something he’s going to like. Enough with the “stylish” clothes and trendy hair products. We are simple beasts. The best caramels and chocolate in the world from JT’s Confectionsare perfect!

Basket of JT's ConfectionsPlease remember that because of the weather, all orders must be picked up. There will be no shipping until next fall.

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