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Welcome to JT’s Confections, and you guessed it, I’m JT.

It all started about 10 years ago…

John TompkinsI developed a craving for homemade caramels; specifically Mrs. Cooks’ caramels. Mrs. Cook is the mother of my childhood best friend, Andy.

Anyway, after about six months of experimenting with recipes, burning pots, myself and setting off smoke alarms, I created the perfect caramel. Although it’s not Mrs. Cooks recipe, she’d be proud of them. My caramels are the best caramels you will ever eat. From here I took the gigantic leap and started making roasted pecan clusters. Here’s the secret to making clusters, you dip the best caramel covered roasted pecans in the best chocolate. Let’s keep that quiet please.

For the next few years our family made caramels and clusters at Christmas time and gave them out to our neighbors and friends. Fast forward to three years ago. I retired from Wall Street after a 23 year run. Although they were good years I was able to get out while I still had a sliver of my soul intact.

Finally the point… In April of 2011, I decided I needed to do something before my wife killed me in my sleep. I woke up one morning and while I was meandering to the kitchen it came to me in a flash. I was going to open up a confections company. The whole thought process took no more than .065 seconds.

Although opening a new business has been challenging, I’ve had a ball. The people I have met along the way have been fantastic. The confections business is so very different than Wall Street. Your competitors want to see you succeed! I almost got in fights the first few times that someone said, “good luck, let me know if I can help”. That’s Wall Street speak for “you won’t see it coming”.
JT in kitchen with his kids
So about my candy… The caramel is soft and chewy and melts in your mouth. I am constantly told it’s the best caramel that people have ever eaten. I know for a fact it has saved no less that 8 marriages. OK I have nothing to prove that statement but after you eat my caramels you have to look at the world through happier eyes. The clusters are just an extension of the caramels; superb caramel, poured over roasted pecans and hand dipped in rich chocolate. Let’s just savor the moment… All my treats are hand made in small batches and are always fresh. I use only the best ingredients and that’s why my candy is so good.

I hope you enjoy my confections as much as I do.

John Tompkins (aka JT)